CasAmin Di Aly

CasAmin Di Aly is formed in 2010 in Italy. We sell classic European style furniture from Napoli, a romantic Mediterranean city.

Our family runs a factory, and we have also been working with few experienced factories for more than 20 years. We are the most popular wholesaler in Southern Italy of selling baroque style furniture reproduction in hand-made.

We follow the elegant traditions of arrangement the contour and figure in a unique position to reinterpret the classical style and inject new ideas. Now we have selected some of the best selling and limited edition pieces for you.


Address: Via Circumvallazione 79 Naples, Italy 80144

Tel: +39 331 8463151 Amin Aly &
+39 342 5150778 Felicia Huang

Bank: Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro
Branch Office: Suc.Casavatore
Account Name: Casamin Di Aly Mahmoud Amin
IBAN (account no.): IT78G0100539-83000000-0004534
BIC ( swift code ) : BNLIITRR

Bank: Credit Agricole Cariparma
Branch Office: Napoli Ag. 12
Account Name: Casamin Di Aly Mahmoud Amin
IBAN ( account no.): IT46F062300-34150000-57311058
BIC ( swift code ) : CRPPIT2P529

Email: [email protected]/[email protected]

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